At Iterate we use a lean mindset to develop advanced, state of the art computer software.

We do this because great developers need a clear working methodology that provides the surroundings for their technical skills. This methodology has one agenda: To create maximum value for the customer. This is what lean is all about.

You do not need to be an expert on lean thinking to start working at Iterate. All we ask, is for you to be motivated to learn about new approaches to creating computer software. We want you to be a proud professional with a constant desire to improve yourself.

At Iterate our goal is to create pride of workmanship for our engineers. We sincerely believe that it's not possible to create high value software in a traditional contracting environment. We know how up-front requirement specifications become sealed documents. We know how many software development organizations base their income on expensive change orders and the like. This does not bring out the best in any developer. We have replaced things like change management, sealed architectures and political agendas with a way of thinking that gives us and the customer the same goal: To create value.

Lean is a mindset, a culture and a philosophy that shows you how to use your knowledge and skills to create the software that delivers the maximum value. Lean does this by making it an everyday activity to work in close collaboration with the customer, to eliminate unnecessary efforts and to continuously seek new ways to improve yourself.

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